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Maintenance and Support

Home Users

Just like your car, your house, and even yourself, your computer needs a good cleaning every once in a while to prevent overheating and dust build up, not wanting to scaremonger but excess dust could lead to a PC/Laptop setting on fire.

General cleaning to remove dust from internal components, DVD/CD drive cleaning.  Replacement of BIOS battery.

Desktop – £40 Laptop – £50

(Difference in price due to this being a more complex process)

Virus/Spyware Removal – £25  – What is Malware?

Malware, short for malicious software, is a kind of software that can be installed on a computer without approval from the computer’s owner. There are different kinds of malware that can hurt computers, such as viruses and spyware. These programs can steal passwords, delete files, collect personal information, or even stop a computer from working at all. Computer security or anti-malware software is usually good at stopping malware from installing itself. When security software is not installed, malware can get into the computer.

Getting rid of malware can be difficult, even when using programs designed to remove it.  (source Wikipedia)

Data Transfer – from old machine to new one or copied to DVD,Bluray or external hard drive – £45

Creation of recovery disks for a machine using System Software – £25 incl. DVDs/CDs.

If 32GB USB Drive required then extra cost will be incurred.n

Imaging a Hard Drive to create recovery disks – £30 incl. DVDs/CDs. If 32GB USB Drive then extra cost will be incurred which is dependant on current market price.

Repair of a Desktop PC £70 . Any parts which are required will incur an extra charge dependant on the cost.

Repair of Laptop £80 . Any parts which are required will incur an extra charge dependant on the cost.

Data recovery from corrupted media – £35 (No charge if not able to recover data)

Setting Up a new machine – £95 (Customer provides software, includes OS (Operating System, i.e. Windows, Linux, OSX etc)  installation, applying all Software Updates, installation of Anti-Virus software and setting up Firewall.  If you wish us to provide OS we will endeavour to supply this at the best possible price.

Setting up Internet Connection and Email – £30

Extending a Wireless Network with Home Plugs or Wireless Access Point/Booster  Labour- £25

Installing Software Applications and Configuring – £15 per application

Installing a Printer – £30  This includes connecting direct to a PC or to a wired/wireless network.

Memory Upgrade – £40 plus the cost of memory.

Forgotten Your Password

Windows Machine Unlocking and Password Reset – £20

Hardware/Software Purchasing Advice

£15 per hour, Visiting a retail outlet with you £20 per hour

One2One Tuition Available

(Rates discussed dependant on customer requiremnts))

Data Conversion


Home VHS video to DVD or Computer Video file – £15 (First Video), Bulk price by arrangement

Home Audio Cassette to CD or MP3 – £15 (First Tape), Bulk price by arrangement



35mm film negatives/slides to Computer format of your choice i.e. JPG, Tif, PNG etc. – 55p per slide – This includes tidying up and enhancement, including JPGs on CD/DVD (£2 per disk) or email/web download (Free) for you to use how you want.

If you would like a DVD Slideshow this is £10 extra.

Hardcopy photograph to Computer format of your choice i.e. JPG, Tif, PNG etc. – 55p per photograph. This includes tidying up and enhancement, including files on CD/DVD (£2 per disk) or email/web download(Free) for you to use how you want.

If you would like a DVD Slideshow this is £15 extra.

Copying Facebook/Twitter Data to offline format – Charged by the hour at £10

File Formats

We can convert most file formats please contact us.

Business Users

One off Hourly Consultancy Rate £35 (Upto 8 hours)

Daily rate (8 hours) = £280 (If multiple days then discount may be applied).

Travel Expenses are £0.45 per mile or part thereof. (To and From SK10 2BH)

Cabling for Data or VOIP

Running CAT5 cable = £20 an hour (labour) Terminating CAT5 either with a RJ45 or modular socket = £30 (labour) per socket Please contact me regarding your issue if not listed above and we can discuss whether or not I can help.

Charity Support

I charge 70% of business charges for supporting charities.

Other Business Services

Microsoft Access

Database Design, Development and Implementation including macros, VBA Scripting etc.

Powerpoint Presentation

Design of templates, presentation creation.

Data Input

We can provide data entry services for your business including wordprocessing, spreadsheet or database entry.

Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet

Design, development and implementation including macros, formulas, VBA scripting.

Desktop Publishing using either Microsoft Publisher and Serif Pageplus

Want marketing materials designed and produced to help create or enhance your corporate image.

Website Design and Hosting using WordPress

Can also help with content management and updating  if you already have a site .

Support for Drupal and Joomla also available.

Website updating from £20 per hour if full website redesign, including theme change, Google Maps, Graphic editing, logo creation.

Full Web site creation starts from £260 including 2 hours consultation time

Travel Expenses

Car – £0.45 per mile or part thereof. (To and From SK10 2BH)

Remote Support

Windows PC support is available using the link available below, this downloads a small file to your PC to enable remote access, please follow the instructions in the Application. MAC support is available please telephone and this can be arranged